The Incredible Crash Dummies

1 player
minigame compilation

The game consists of a series of mini-games, all involving you controlling one of those wacky, lovable crash dummies. Don't get too excited, though, this isn't Wario World or Bishi Bashi we're talking about here.

The first minigame involves you diving off the top of a skyscraper, and looking cool at the same time. You earn money for each somersault off an awning that you do and each balcony that you smash through, but watch out for the windows with flames jetting out. As a kind of reverse Crazy Climber, this game has a little appeal, but not for long.

Next up, it's skiing time with a twist - you have to hit 15 flags before the end of the course - and watch out for those trees! This section is a standard 2D scrolling skiing game, just that you have to ski into rather than around the flags.

The next minigame, improbably enough, involves you working at an explosives factory - you can move between three conveyor belts of bombs, and must either blow out the lit bombs or hit the miscellaneous dummy parts with your hammer. The game style isn't a million miles away from Tapper or Comic Bakery, so I'm sure some fun can be had.

Unfortunately, each of these games has to be played in sequence, which lowers the replay appeal dramatically. It might be possible to extract a few laughs while playing, but ultimately The Incredible Crash Dummies is a very shallow experience, and not one you'll wish to relive more than once or twice.

Sound 7
Graphics 7
Gameplay 5

Overall 5